Andernach is a good day trip from Wiesbaden. It is very English friendly and has lots of interesting sights that make it worth the trip. The cold water geyser was popular with children; they can have a boat ride and play in the water at the geyser itself..

Featured Attraction: World’s largest cold-water geyser. Website for geyser, in English, at The geyser is only accessible by tour boat.

Web Site: (English)

Tourist Information Location: The Tourist Information office is also the Discovery Center for the geyser, and tickets to visit that sight must be purchased there.

Andernach net GmbH

Konrad-Adenauer-Allee 40

56626 Andernach

Walking tours: Map with self-guided walking tour of the city in English is available at the TI. Guided tours are also available for groups with an additional cost for English.

If the TI is closed, the self-guided tour is also available on their web page.

Driving and parking: The city is easy to navigate by car. There is a large parking lot about ¼ kilometer from the Tourist Information.

Distance from Wiesbaden: 109 kilometers, 1 ¼ hour drive

Food: There are plenty of restaurants within walking distance of the TI and even more along the self-guided tour route. The boat to the geyser also has food and beverages at reasonable prices.

Hotels: We made this as a day trip. Hotel availability is unknown

Special events: See the city web site for Markets and Special Events

Detail from the edifice of the city municipal museum.

Detail from the edifice of the city municipal museum.

Center map
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City name: Andernach


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