McMurdo Station is not a tourist destination. The easiest way to get there is to have a job at the facility; I went as crew of a Coast Guard icebreaker. Former Russian icebreakers outfitted as cruise ships occasionally go.

City name: McMurdo Station, Antarctica

Featured Attractions: Scott expedition hut, Mount Erebus volcano, 24 hour days and nights depending on the time of year

Web Site:

Tourist Information Location: None

Distance from Wiesbaden:  10,500 miles straight line from Frankfurt

Food: Limited, but believe it or not, there are three establishments that sell alcoholic beverages.

Hotels: None, barracks only, only available to staff and crew.

Special events: The supply ships arriving in the summer.

The icebreaker Polar Star clears a path for supply ships.

The icebreaker Polar Star clears a path for supply ships.

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After 31 years, I retired as a marine engineer from the U.S. Coast Guard. Travels with the service took me to Canada, the Caribbean, Australia, Alaska and points north, and Antarctica.
I'm now a stay at home husband, taking care of travel arrangements and our two cats. I also do volunteer work in the local community.