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  • The Biggest Funfair on the Rhine

    The Biggest Funfair on the Rhine

    The biggest funfair on the Rhine, called the Rheinkirmes in German, takes places every July in Düsseldorf. We had wanted to go to Düsseldorf anyway, so we used the excuse of the funfair to plan […]

  • A Festival With A Twist

    A Festival With A Twist

    Did you know that pretzels were invented by German monks? Well that’s one theory, anyway, although most agree that they were invented at some monastery or another in Europe. The town of Speyer in Germany […]

  • The Other Half of That UNESCO Site

    The Other Half of That UNESCO Site

    The last full day of our long weekend in northern Germany started off with a drive to Wismar. Like Stralsund and Lübeck, the two other cities we’d visited over the weekend, Wismar is known for […]

  • A Look Around Lübeck

    A Look Around Lübeck

    The day after we visited Stralsund we toured the city of Lübeck, located in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein. For a couple of hundred years, Lübeck was known as the “Queen” of the Hanseatic League, a […]

  • That Big Yellow Castle

    That Big Yellow Castle

    Schloss Montabaur is a castle that is visible from one of the autobahns that we frequently travel. Its yellow color makes it quite noticeable, and after a couple of years of saying “We should go […]

  • Where Does Seltzer Water Come From?

    Where Does Seltzer Water Come From?

    We recently visited the town of Niederselters, which has a mineral spring and is a district in the Selters area of Germany. In the 18th century, the town began shipping water from this spring all […]

  • Shoe Lasts in Alfeld

    Shoe Lasts in Alfeld

    No, the title of this post does not contain a grammatical error, nor does it mean this is a post about the durability of one shoe in the German town of Alfeld.  A shoe last is an actual thing that […]

  • A Reconstructed City Center in Hildesheim

    A Reconstructed City Center in Hildesheim

    Hildesheim is a city in Northern Germany that is home to a UNESCO site called St. Mary’s Cathedral and St. Michael’s Church. I’m not quite sure why UNESCO lumps sites together like that as they […]

  • City of Beer

    City of Beer

    One of the biggest beer festivals in Germany is the Bergkirchweih in the Bavarian town of Erlangen. The Bergkirchweih is an open-air festival that takes place for 12 days every year and attracts about a […]


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