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  • German Christmas Markets

    German Christmas Markets

    One of the best times of the year in Germany is the Advent season in November and December, when the outdoor Christmas markets take place.  Shockingly, they actually call them Christmas markets here – not […]

  • Four Festivals

    Four Festivals

    One of the great things about Germany is its plethora of festivals throughout the year. We have gone to three big festivals and one tiny festival in the last month alone. The first big one […]

  • Dresden


    The second part of our long weekend to celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary was spent in Dresden, Germany.  I had previously spent one night in Dresden in 2009 with my friend Morissa before I moved […]

  • Schloss Moritzburg

    Schloss Moritzburg

    On our way from Görlitz to Dresden, we stopped to visit Schloss Moritzburg (Moritzburg Castle).  It’s about 8 miles outside of Dresden.  The castle was built between 1542 and 1546 and it was originally a […]

  • Görlitz


    To celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary, we decided to take a long weekend trip.  We spent two nights in Görlitz, Germany and two nights in Dresden, Germany.  This post covers the Görlitz part of the […]

  • Volksmarching, Wine Stands and Dead Pants

    Volksmarching, Wine Stands and Dead Pants

    Yesterday we went on our first Volksmarch.  The word comes from the German word “Volksmarsch”, meaning “people’s march”.  It’s basically an organized hike of varying lengths.  We thought we could just show up and figure out what […]


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