The Japanischer Garten is located in Kaiserslautern. Kirchheimbolanden doesn’t have much in the way of facilities, but it is an easy day trip from the Wiesbaden area and has several sights that make it worth going there.

City name: Japanischer Garten and Kirchheimbolanden

Featured Attractions: Japanischer Garten, Mozart organ

Web Sites: Japanischer Garten (In English)- Kirchheimbolanden (In German)-

Tourist Information Location: None

Walking tours: None

Driving and parking: Easy to drive and park in both places.

Distance from Wiesbaden: Kirchheimbolanden: 56 kilometers, 41 minutes, Japanischer Garten: 90 kilometers, 1 hour

Food: Cafes and restaurants are available at both places.

Special events: The Kirchheimbolanden special events website is in German

The Kleine Residenz in Kirchheimbolanden.

The Kleine Residenz in Kirchheimbolanden.

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