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  • Reality Czech

    Reality Czech

    Since moving to Germany in 2011, I have spent my birthday in a different European country each year. In 2011 it was Germany, followed by Italy and San Marino in 2012 (yup, I spent my […]

  • The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

    The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

    One of the best times of year in Germany, if not the best, is Christmas market time. This year, for the first time, we did a week-long Christmas market trip to celebrate the season. The trip […]

  • Merry Old England

    Merry Old England

    Earlier this year we spent a week in England, where I finally got to see some things I’d been dreaming about seeing for years. Our trip started off with a little bit of excitement. I normally […]

  • Something’s Brewing in Lich

    Something’s Brewing in Lich

    As everyone knows, the town of Lich, Germany is famous for being the home of the Licher Brewery. Yup, those are cases and cases of Licher beer behind the unfortunately locked gate at the brewery. […]

  • The Witching Hour

    The Witching Hour

    The first time we went to Idstein was a few years ago for their Christmas market. We could see that it was a great town with fabulous half-timbered houses, but it was so crowded for […]

  • A Fishy Business

    A Fishy Business

    Gernsheim is a small town on the Rhine river that started out as a little Roman fishing village about two thousand years ago. Sean found out about Gernsheim last February when we were looking for something […]

  • My Hat’s Off To You

    My Hat’s Off To You

    You know those hats that have a brim, and a band around them, and what looks like a dent on top of the hat in the middle? Like the one that Al Pacino wore in […]

  • Still Not Tired Of Half-Timbered Houses

    Still Not Tired Of Half-Timbered Houses

    On a cold but sunny, blue-skied day this past winter, we took a drive to the town of Babenhausen. Babenhausen obtained city rights way back in the year 1295 – 720 years ago this year […]

  • Come Back To Sorrento

    Come Back To Sorrento

    A while back, I had an unexpected opportunity to take a couple of days off work before a long holiday weekend. Quickly looking over the long list of places we’d like to go, we settled […]


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